EVS Nano Slow Motion & Highlights

The Nano Remote controller offers a solution for OB facilities as well as small to medium-sized mobile production units.
The Nano Remote is designed to control the XTnano server while providing essential functions for live events and sports replay actions; such as instant slow motion replays and highlights with an unrivalled level of control and reactivity. The Nano controller is a compact, robust control panel with a jog knob that provides unmatched frame accuracy. It also has a T-bar and an LCD display with a RS422 connection to the mainframe. Nano remote is immediately accessible to any LSM operator with no extra training required.

  • For OB facilities and small to medium-sized mobile production units
  • Instant slow motion replays
  • Highlights
  • Put clips together in seconds
  • Adjust speed at will during playback

  • Clip creation
  • Instant cue up
  • Fast jogging function
  • Smooth video display
  • Back-to-back or synchronized replays
  • Delay mode