EVS Multicam LSM

Multicam LSM puts the most reactive live editing solutions available for sports and live event broadcasting in your hands.
Controlling the XT3 production server, Multicam LSM brings an unlimited level of quality to your production in either HD or SD format. Multicam LSM offers a renowned replay mode function in slow motion, super motion and a range of on the fly editing actions which are used every day by broadcasters worldwide. Clip management, playlist management, split screen mode, delay functions for live and near-live presentation and a series of creative graphics tools are all part of the Multicam LSM package. Multicam LSM is fully scalable and adaptable and can integrate into any live production configuration or workflow. From acquisition to editing, playout and archiving, Multicam LSM is the key solution for getting the most out of live editing in sports and live events. Multicam LSM guarantees the highest level of stability while offering a fully transparent technology evolution follow-up. The advanced timeline editing makes the LSM a unique fast turnaround editing software (Playlist conversion, Speed, effects transitions, 4 point edit, split elements, insert/overwrite mode) : see the advanced timeline editing page for more information.

  • Multi-camera Control
  • Instant Replay and Live Slow Motion
  • On the fly Editing
  • Highlights Packages
  • Analysis and Live Effects
  • Graphic Overlays

  • Synchronized multi-camera control
  • Extreme reliability for live actions
  • Clip exchange on the production network
  • Live Slow Motion and Super Motion
  • Simple highlights package tool
  • Intuitive playlist management
  • Metadata and keywords
  • Live analysis and live effects
  • Transparent technology evolution follow-up
  • Advanced timeline editing features