EVS XS Video & Media Server

XS is a new generation of intelligent production servers specifically designed for studio applications.
XS is the perfect solution for replacing VTRs. It helps simplify and ease the transition to tapeless production. Built on EVS' unique loop recording technology, XS provides unmatched solutions for the recording of multiple audio and video feeds, as well as for control and playback operations. XS can be managed by a range of EVS hardware and software controllers adapted to all types of production workflows. Thanks to its open architecture, XS can also be managed by third-party tools; such as automation systems, linear or hybrid editors, switchers and controllers. The XS production server can also emulate tape machines, eliminating the need for playback equipment and editing recorders.

Based on its powerful dual networking capabilities (broadcasting and IT), XS makes recorded media instantly and directly available throughout the production network for simultaneous preview, rough editing, archiving, playback or post-production. The server supports a wide range of formats and codec configurations to fit all types of workflows, streamline media transfer to better preserve quality. XS can be configured with six full 3D/1080p channels (3G/Dual link) and offers the same features in a 3D environment. In addition, XS can be configured in SpotBox mode to be controlled through protocols by third-party systems.

XS is expandable with external disk arrays.

  • Loop Recording: non-stop recording process in first out loop mode guaranteeing constant availability to content.
  • Hybrid networking system combining highly-secured live media sharing and media transfer/streaming with third-party systems
  • Extended range of controllers for content control and editing operations
  • Flexible ingest and playout channel configuration
  • Extensive multi-codec support
  • No hardware change for switching from a codec to another
  • Scalable storage capabilities
  • Advanced security features: RAID technology, redundant power supply, internal hot swap disk

  • Up to 6 SD/HD video channels
  • 6 Full 3D/1080p video channels
  • Up to 550 Mbps Bitrate per video channel
  • Mix on one channel capabilities
  • 2 Chassis Versions 6RU & 5RU for maximum flexibility
  • Native support HD codec: Avid DNxHD® codec, Apple ProRes, Panasonic DVCPRO HD, AVC-Intra Class 100
  • Ready for 3G SDTI Network
  • Up to 96 audio input capabilities
  • Built-in multi-viewer

  • Studio production
  • Live studio production
  • Content control & delay
  • Fast turnaround production
  • Scenarized production
  • VTR replacement
  • Soaps opera
  • Talk shows