DK Technologies Master Stereo & Surround Sound Meter, PT0730M

The PT0730M is a modular multi-channel audio meter accepting up to 16 input signals.
The PT0730M has 7 configurable input/output slots. Available modules includes analogue, AES3 and Dolby decoder.
  • Flexible modular input system
  • Audio Matrix handling up to 8 AES3 inputs, 16 analogue inputs, 10 inputs from Dolby decoding
  • Up to 8 AES3 outputs and/or 16 analogue output.
  • Audio delay module
  • Audio phase meter and goniometer.
  • StarFish™ & JellyFish™
  • 5.1/6.1/7.1 Metering
  • R128 and ITU BS1770 Loudness measurements.
  • Dolby E/D (AC3) Decoder
  • Surround Sound Down-mix capability
  • Powerful preset system for fast easy setups
  • DVI/VGA Output
  • Multiple images (Phase/StarFish™/Amplitude Bargraph / Loudness) on internal and/or external screens.
  • 19" Rack mount (3U high half-rack unit), short depth for compact installations