DK Technologies Compact Audio Loudness Meter, DK1, DK2, DK3, DK4, DK5

The DK Meter range is the perfect and surprisingly affordable ‘One box solution’ to Audio and Loudness metering.
The DK METER complies with all major Broadcast loudness standards and delivers outstanding metering precision and clear read-outs, not merely on Loudness, but across the full range of audio metering tools.

The DK METER toolset makes it application-fit for any audio and loudness setup in broadcast, film & post production as well as live transmission and recording.

With the clear DK METER readout and compliance in your line of sight, you are always safe and sound.

More than simply Loudness

Looking beyond the Loudness compliance requirements, the DK Meter delivers unrivaled audio metering and flexibility. The compact package and 4.3” screen makes DK Meter easy to install and position.

The extensive range of extra tools include; Logging Application (PC), FFT Analysis, Screen Grabber (PC) and MSD View.

Product information
  • Crystal clear Loudness metering and numerical readout – Loudness conformity at a glance
  • Compliant with all major loudness standards (BS1770-2. A/85, R128, ARIB and more…) – Always hit your target
  • Full featured Audio meter package: Horizontal/Vertical Bargraph, FFT, Vectorscope, Phase correlation, StarFish™, JellyFish™ and Horizontal/Vertical Moving Coil Emulation – See and secure your audio from any angle
  • Logging Application and Database (optional) - Document, Visualize and Evaluate your data
  • Real time True Peak PPM – Optimized level with no hidden ‘digital overs’
  • Compact ‘One-Box’ design (132x88x18mm) – Hassle-free placement and installation
  • Unique ‘Eye Width’ SDI signal quality indicator (optional) – Always trust your SDI input signal
  • Easy and intuitive touch user interface – Plug and play
  • 4.3" screen size with vertical and horizontal viewing – Full flexibility and Easy readout
  • USB powered – Power from included PSU or directly from your computer USB port
  • Analogue, AES, SDI HD 3G: up to 16 input and 12 display channels – Choose the input format for you
  • Software upgradable via USB connection – Future proof, add tools as you go