DK Technologies Waveform Monitor, PT5664

Digital and Analogue Component / Composite standard half-rack Waveform Monitor.
Functions include colour gamut error detection, Y PB PR, RGB, Parade, Overlay, and analogue composite display. Reclocked SDI output and RGB output for confidence monitoring.
  • SDI, analogue components, and analogue composite inputs.
  • SDI component waveform and vector dsplay.
  • Star display and vector display of component signals.
  • Y PB PR, RGB, parade, overlay and analogue composite displays.
  • Static non-linearity measurements.
  • Colour gamut error indication.
  • Easy alignment of SDI timing against composite PAL signal by help of overlay display.
  • Easy operation with on-screen menus.
  • All lines selectable in single line display.
  • Bow-tie display.
  • Re-clocked SDI output.
  • Analogue output for picture monitors.
  • Multistandard 525- and 625 lines.