DK Technologies LCD & CRT Colour Analyser Kit, PM5639

Colour Analyser kit including LCD & CRT sensors, handheld display unit, rubber hood for LCD sensor, LCD sensor stand & wheeled flight case. Compatible with Sony BVM E & F monitors.
  • Independent of phosphor type.
  • Unique graphic CIE chromaticity display.
  • User-friendly RGB bar graph display.
  • Hand-held and battery operated.
  • Reproducible and accurate alignment of any monitor.
  • Traceable to international colour standards.
  • Calibration to any white reference.
  • CIE 1931 standard observer response.
  • Automatic adaptation to any field rate - also HDTV.
  • Uses high stability dichroic filters.
  • Colour balance alignment of LCD displays.
  • Optical system for spot measurements.
  • High speed operation for automatic manufacturing systems.
  • Communicates with standard RS-232 interface.
  • True CIE Standard Observer characteristics.
  • Numerical output of CIE XYZ values.
  • Operates independent of field rate, also computer displays and HDTV.
  • Calibration traceable to international standards.
  • Wheeled flight case for easy transportation.
  • LCD sensor stand.