DK Technologies VariTime Change-Over Unit, PT5211

Modular change-over unit that reliably switches between SPG's.
The unit accepts both analogue and digital video signals and AES3. Change-over operation can be either manual or in auto-sense mode. The unit is compatible with PT5210, PT5230 and PT5300.
  • Very high reliability, MTBF 80.000 hrs.
  • Indicates status of both primary and back-up generator.
  • Switches: analogue video, serial digital video and digital audio (balanced and unbalanced signals).
  • Basic version four channels, expandable up to 12 channels.
  • All unbalanced channels may be used for all types of signals.
  • Free choice of generator as primary or back-up SPG.
  • Configurations compatible with PT5210 VariTimeTM Digital Sync Generator.
  • Error detection and indication on both primary and back-up SPG.
  • Local and remote status indication.
  • Preset of automatic or manual selection of primary or back-up SPG.
  • Local and remote manual operation.
  • Continues operation with the selected SPG in case of power failure on the change over unit