SONY HDC-1400R HD studio system camera with fibre interface

Three 2/3-inch Power HAD HD CCD sensors dual format HD system camera with fibre interface

Heralding a New Era of HD Production

Pursuing the ultimate HD system for today and for tomorrow, Sony sets another milestone in the history of multi-format HD camera systems - the HDC-1400R - offering a broader choice of interlace and progressive formats, much greater picture quality, and enhanced operational flexibility.

The HDC-1400R incorporates a newly developed CCD imager and DSP LSI - two key devices that allow it to achieve ultimate picture performance in a variety of scanning modes. The CCD used in this camera can accommodate all popular interlace and progressive scan formats including 1080/50 as well as the highest-quality 720/50P images.

The HDC-1400R camera provides digital transmission using SMPTE standard fibre optic cable to transmit high-quality digital data over long distances. The camera also provides two HD SDI outputs and one digitally down-converted SDI or analogue composite output. In addition, viewfinder signals with characters can be output from the SDI output connector, giving camera operators additional convenience.

The HDC-1400R, if required, can be operated in a triax environment utilising the HDTX-100/HDFX-100 triax adapter.