Wondlan Panorama Viewfinder - Standard version

Wondlan "Panorama" series video DSLR viewfinder, perfect capture tool for video SLR camera
With the developing of Canon 5D II, varieties and models of video DSLR cameras have been increased rapidly; and market of DSLR-related products has been developed rapidly, allowing the film and video shooting with DSLR cameras become increasing and popular.  Wondlan International Co., Ltd lunches a series of professional DSLR products to meet the needs of DSLR market. The "Panorama" series video DSLR viewfinders make up the defects and inconveniences of SLR cameras in shooting film or video. Panorama Series products can be used independently, taking along with other SLR cameras, which is very convenient and practical. It is also can be used with sniper series DSLR stabilization support and all types of tripods, allowing the usage of SLR cameras more wider and shooting manner more perfect.
Description of "Panorama" series viewfinder
Panorama series incorporate lightweight, high strength ABS material with elegant design, which are stylish, light, professional and top grade. Surface of the product incorporates professional surface treatment technique the same with that of high-end DSLR cameras with fine workmanship and top quality. Panorama series match perfectly with DSLR cameras, allowing operators more professional and high-end in DSLR shooting.

Parameters of "Panorama" series viewfinder are as follows:
Magnification: 2.5 ×
Screen size: 3 inches (or less)
Eyecup diameter: 60mm
External dimension: 110mm (L) * 70mm (W) * 60mm (H)
Weight: 100g