Grass Valley Densité Synchronization & Reference

Densité Modules for a Variety of Synchronization & Reference Tasks
FRS-1103 SDI Frame Synchronizer/Processor/Line Sync
FRS-1801 HD/SD Frame Synchronizer
FRS-3901 3Gbps/HD/SD frame synchronizer with embedded audio processor
GPI-1501 GPI I/O module
LNS-3901 3Gbps/HD/SD line synchronizer
MSG-5300 Master sync generator
REF-1801 Reference module with optional SPG
SPG-1801 Sync pulse generator
7600REF-HD HD/SD Timing Generator
7620PX Changeover Unit

The FRS-1103 is a SDI frame synchronizer used to solve timing issues in a digital facility. The card can be set in delay or synchronizer mode. When adding the proc-amp option, the card becomes a high quality processing amplifier providing control and adjustment of the digital video signal for applications such as incoming feeds. VANC data is passed or blanked, while the VBI can be passed, blanked or processed on a line-by-line basis.

The FRS-1801 is a highly integrated module which offers frame synchronization, and video processing, including color correction and delay, for HD and SD signals in HD/SD hybrid plants. A processing delay of up to 1.3 seconds is available for Dolby E and AC3 encoders/decoders.

The FRS-3901 is a highly integrated module which offers frame synchronization and video/audio processing, including color correction and delay, for 3G, HD and SD signals in 3Gbps/HD/SD hybrid plants. The FRS-3901 features an advanced embedded audio processor which can simultaneously process up to 32 channels of audio (16 channels of embedded audio from the video plus others generated internally). Functions include downmixing, Proc Amp, channel shuffling and mixing. Options include Automatic Loudness Control, dynamic processing (limiter, compressor, and expander) and loudness measurement. The new loudness measurement option allows the measurement and logging of up to 4 audio programs with iControl Loudness Monitoring software to analyze and report compliance with respect to various loudness legislations around the world (See iControl Loudness Monitoring). The card will pass and delay automatically all 32 internal audio channels to preserve lip sync between the channels. Each channel can be delayed independently to correct any lip sync issues. All audio channels can be mixed and shuffled to provide 16 channels for embedding in the video output.

The GPI-1501 is a 2RU Densité card which provides 20 dedicated GPI (General Purpose Interface) inputs plus eight terminals that can be individually configured, either as a GPI input or GPI output. When paired with an iControl Application Server, the GPI-1501 provides alarm aggregation from older devices that do not offer Ethernet port connectivity. The Application Server can report alarm status information to operators via iControl or SNMP. It can also trigger external events, such as selecting an alternate source. The card can also interface with Automation Systems via its GPI outputs for the control of legacy devices. Each incoming GPI is time stamped with incoming Time Code, or using its own internal clock for accurate logging and report generation. The GPI-1501 is also very useful in unmanned locations to report environmental anomalies when connected to GPI equipped sensors (intrusion, high humidity, temperature, smoke etc). Multiple GPI-1501 cards can be ganged together to meet the requirements of larger installations.

The LNS-3901 is a 3Gbps/HD/SD line synchronizer capable of handling hot switches between sources of the same format and phased by less than 10 lines compared to the reference. The output timing can be programmed from ½ to 10 ½ lines after the 0H of the reference. The reference signal can be an analog black burst, tri-level sync or the internal URS frame reference signal provided by the REF-1801.

The MSG-5300 is a modular multiformat master sync generator designed for use in the most demanding broadcast and post production facilities. In master sync applications it may be controlled by the internal, high precision oven controlled master clock, or locked to an optional GPS receiver. In slave applications MSG-5300 can be genlocked to PAL and NTSC video, black burst signals, subcarrier and 5 MHz or 10 MHz clocks. All HD and SD outputs are individually timeable for synchronization of sophisticated video installations.

The REF-1801 is a reference module that distributes a universal reference signal (URS) to all the cards within a Densité frame. It can also optionally generate two selectable reference signals for external use. The unique URS concept provides significant advantages as it generates a digital reference signal, and also simplifies inter-format processing by using a unique reference signal for all video and audio frame rates. The REF-1801 has the ability to extract Time Code from the input as per SMPTE-318M, which allows for perfect audio / video phasing. Other features include the ability to slave Densité frames, as well as advancing or delaying independently the two reference output signals.

The Densité Series SPG-1801 is a sync pulse generator card. It accepts an external reference input or a digital universal reference signal (URS) from the frame reference module REF-1801, if present. It features 2 fully independent outputs, with user selectable output format (black burst, tri-level sync, DARS, Word Clock) and user configurable pixel by pixel output timing adjustment.

The 7600HD-REF reference and test signal generator is a high-stability standalone 1 RU unit for providing system timing. It has a complete set of reference signals, including a master genlock reference loop-through input. It can be used in either master or slave roles. A powerful feature is timecode generation, as well as a complete set of reference signals, allowing for a very compact timing solution. Reliability is a top feature of the 7600HD-REF with dual-redundant power supplies and the ability to interface to the 7620PX changeover unit for backup. The 7600HD-REF can act as an NTP server ensuring IT-based units keep in step with the broadcast infrastructure. The time generated can be set from GPS satellites through the 7600GPS option. This makes the 7600HD-REF an ideal unit for OB operation.

The 1 RU standalone 7620PX changeover unit is the complement of the 7600HD-REF reference and test signal generator. It provides active monitoring and switching of reference and test signal input pairs. Each signal pair has a primary and secondary input feeding a switching output. The unit includes battery backup and local and remote alarm alerts for power loss.