Grass Valley Densité Signal Probing

Densité Modules for a Variety of Signal Probing Tasks
HCP-1801 HD/SD video control probe with embedded audio
HLP-1801 HD/SD lip sync probe

The HCP-1801 HD/SD control probe integrates many advanced features for monitoring both video and embedded audio signals, including a new macro-block detection option. It offers complete real-time measurement and analysis of signal parameters, as well as flexible alarm thresholds and user-defined profiles. In addition, the probe functions as a distribution amplifier, with a single input and four HD or SD reclocked outputs.

The HLP-1801 is an HD/SD audio/video synchronization probe. Two SDI inputs, with embedded audio, provide lip sync error detection by measuring between a signal's origination and a selected probing point later in the signal path. This solution is ideal for playout facilities as well as Multiple System Operators (MSOs), which are aiming to improve the quality of their channels by performing electronic monitoring. For example, the HLP-1801 can be used between a facility's out signal and the set-top box return, or between the server out signal and the facility's out signal.