Grass Valley Densité Embedders and De-embedders

Densité Modules for a Variety of Audio Processing Tasks
ADX-1101 Analog audio de-embedder
ADX-1121 2 AES de-embedder
ADX-1842/1852 4 AES HD/SD de-embedder
ADX-1881 8 AES HD/SD de-embedder
ADX-3981 3Gbps/HD/SD 8 AES audio and Metadata de-embedder
AMX-1101 Analog audio embedder
AMX-1121 2 AES embedder
AMX-1842 4 AES HD/SD embedder
AMX-1881 8 AES HD/SD embedder
AMX-1901 3G/HD/SD 8 Channel Analog Audio Embedder
AMX-3981 3Gbps/HD/SD 8 AES audio and Metadata embedder

The ADX-1101 is a high-quality, high performance analog audio de-embedder designed to extract two analog audio stereo signals from a single SDI signal. The ADX-1101 comprises a DAC-1721 card (AES to analog audio converter) and an ADX-1121 card (2 AES De-Embedder). The two cards are bundled via a special connector panel that allows direct analog audio de-embedding with