Grass Valley Densité Branding Appliances

Your Brand Is Everything
In today's fast-paced media landscape, on-screen branding can set you apart from the competition and help viewers to remember your channels. Grass Valley can help give your channels the unique identity they deserve.

Single card, 3Gbps/HD/SD master control and branding
Imagestore-Modular is a low cost, modular master control and branding processor (3Gbps/HD/SD). It offers exceptional space and energy efficiency, with up to 10 channels in a 3RU Densité frame. Master control features include AB video/audio mixing (16 channels) plus voice-overs. Designed for pre-rendered graphics, it can provide five layers of keying (3 internal stores), character generation and EAS, as well as clock and temperature insertion.

3G/HD/SD Channel Branding Processor
The Densité LGK-3901 is a low cost, modular channel branding processor, capable of inserting up to five layers of graphics into 3G/HD/SD. Three of the keying layers can be fed by internally stored still/animated graphics, and two layers are fed by external graphics devices. It also offers character generation, clock insertion, EAS support and audio clip/voiceover playout. The LGK-3901 is ideal for pre-rendered graphics.

Branding Panel
Highly Graphical, Touchscreen Branding Control Panel
The highly graphical, touchscreen Branding Panel provides highly informative and easy control of Grass Valley's channel branding processors, including the LGK-3901, DSK-3901, Imagestore-Modular, Imagestore 750 and Vertigo XG.

3G/HD/SD Downstream Keyer
The Densité DSK-3901 is a low cost, modular downstream keyer, with two independent pairs of fill and key inputs. This 3G/HD/SD keyer is ideal for inserting two external character generator feeds over program video. Up to 10 channels of keying can be housed in a single 3 RU Densité 3 frame. An integrated audio mixer provides eight channel voiceovers, as well as audio clip storage and playout. Background audio is automatically ducked during voiceovers. Audio can be accepted as embedded audio or as four external AES inputs. The audio mixer features separate processing for the program and the preview chains.