Grass Valley Router control

Router Control Systems
The Grass Valley NVISION 9000 router control system includes a wide range of highly adapted panels for superior control plus advanced, highly resilient router controllers. The panel range includes informative and easy to use LCD relegendable panels, multidestination panels, multimode button per source panels, destination/source (XY) panels, and the powerful RCP-200 smart panel. The advanced NV960 family and the all new NV920 family of enterprise-class controllers offer outstanding robustness, and extremely flexible control to address different facility workflows, even in the most complex facilities.

Jupiter Routing Switcher Control
Routing Control Solution
The Jupiter routing switcher control solution is a proven combination of hardware control panels and virtual software panels that give you full management of all devices on your Jupiter network at the touch of a button. Whether you need to control routing switchers across the room or across the country, Jupiter is straightforward to use. By configuring the crosspoints of a single routing switcher it can expand to control routing switchers as large as 4096x4096 via IP LAN/WAN connections.

iControl Router
Powerful Router Control over IP
iControl Router’s highly flexible graphical user interface provides advanced routing switcher control and status monitoring. With protocol drivers for many popular routers, iControl Router can control multiple routers from different vendors via a single user interface. iControl Router provides both matrix and single bus views for maximum flexibility and simplicity, and can be integrated with other devices and applications to offer an end-to-end view of a broadcast environment.