DK Technologies Audio Meter, modular, MSD600M++

The MSD600M++ Audio Meter is a modular, multi-channel audio analyser accepting up to 32 input channels.
The MSD600M++ has 4 configurable input slots and 4 output slots. Available modules include Analogue, AES3 and SD-SDI formats.
  • The Peak Programme Meter measures level of up to 32 audio channels simultaneously.
  • 7 scales directly selectable to conform to standard used.
  • PPM colours and headings are user programmable for easy identification.
  • Vectorscope for stereo and surround sound with unique Jelly-Fish© display supports aural impression at a glance.
  • Multiple phase correlation meter indicates proper phasing to allow for downmix.
  • Modular choice of input modules accepting analogue audio, AES3 and SD-SDI Video with deembedder for Audio.
  • Flexible, up to 8 analogue audio outputs and 4 AES3 outputs connect via the internal matrix to any input, internal audio generator, and sum and difference amplifiers.
  • Choice of 1024-point FFT spectrum analyser and 1/3-octave analyser for display of frequency distribution of each channel over full audible range.
  • AES3 bitstream status display indicates characteristics of the digital audio signal.
  • Bright, VGA colour display with adjustable backlight allows adaptation to environmental light conditions.
  • VGA output connects directly to an external monitor for remote or larger display.