SONY MVS-6000 video switcher

Flexible SD / HD video switcher
The MVS-6000 is an affordable and highly featured vision switcher for SD or Multi format video switching. It can cater for production needs starting at 15 inputs / 24 outputs 1ME (Mix Effect Bus) up to 49 inputs / 24 outputs and 2.5ME. This is a new addition to the family of MVS-8000 & DVS-9000 switchers. The MVS-6000 utilizes the latest technologies such as a newly developed image processor, internal digital multi-effects (DME), clip transition effects, Side Flags, internal format convertor and multi-format operation, all packed into a compact frame.

The MVS-6000 can also be upgraded to multi-format configurations by licence key. Customers can start with a standard-definition (SD) configuration and, with no change in hardware, easily upgrade to multi-format configurations according to their growing needs. The all-new CCP-6000 Series is an easy-to-use control panel that can be operated in combination with a standard VGA monitor and a mouse, which greatly expands operational flexibility. The CCP-6000 also includes the newly developed Multi-Function FlexiPad module that further saves space whilst completing existing operational requirements.