SONY Edit Control System

The BZS-8050 Editing Control Software, BZS-8051 Advanced Editing Control Software, together with MKS-8050 and MKS-2050 Editing Keyboards add powerful editing capabilities to the Sony MVS-8000A, DVS-9000, and MFS-2000 Series production switcher systems.

With the addition of this editing capability, Sony switchers are truly maximised for effectiveness in broadcast stations and post-production facilities. The linear editing system provided by this software allows faster completion of projects in HD formats where digitising may prove too slow. Switcher control is tightly integrated with the editing system through its incorporation into the switcher system itself.

For standard editing operations, the BZS-8050 Editing Control Software - when installed together with the MKS-2050 or MKS-8050 Editing Keyboard - offers a similar level of functionality to the popular BVE-2000 Editor. For more advanced operation, the BZS-8051 Advanced Editing Control Software delivers levels of higher performance.

The selection of the two keyboards allows the Editing Control Software to fit into operations ranging from small-scale editing systems to large-scale post-production mastering.

The BZS-8050 Editing Control Software and BZS-8051 Advanced Editing Control Software have a variety of beneficial new features in additiion to the existing features of current Sony editing controllers (see features).