Grass Valley Karrera Video Production Center

Streamlined Power for Fast, Efficient and Creative Productions
As a software-based platform, Karrera with K-Frame is a new modular approach to production switchers that delivers more creativity to create compelling and engaging content. With Karrera, you can lower your initial hardware investment and simply upgrade as your production needs change. Karrera gives you the ability to configure full 3G 1080p50/60 HD support with up to 192 inputs, 96 outputs and up to 9 M/Es with six keyers in every full M/E. The intuitive control panel and the touchscreen side panel interface are easy to learn, meaning new operators will quickly be up and running — ideal if you use freelance operators.

  • K-Frame Standard Frame:
  • Up to 192 inputs and 96 outputs
  • Up to 9 M/Es, accessible across two suites – by using DoubleTake this may be increased to 18 virtual M/Es
  • Up to 16 iDPMs (integrated Digital Picture Manipulators), assigned as either floating iDPMs or within an eDPM at user’s discretion
  • K-Frame Compact Frame:
  • Up to 80 inputs and 48 outputs
  • Up to 5 M/Es – by using DoubleTake this may be increased to 10 virtual M/Es
  • Up to 8 iDPMs, assigned as either floating iDPMs or within an eDPM at user’s discretion

Karrera Control Panels
  • Fully digital 10-bit 4:2:2 video switcher including 1080p level A or B support
  • Optional smart I/O modules provide up/down/crossconversion
  • Integrated macro editor allows users to edit macros online or offline on a PC running the menu application
  • Every M/E has six keyers with standard keying modes including chromakey, two frame stores per keyer, and every keyer in a full M/E can use the floating iDPM system
  • Optional DoubleTake (split M/E mode) effectively increases the number of M/Es and adds flexibility to Suites operation while FlexiKey
  • programmable clean feed mode supports separately programmable configurations of keyers from four M/E outputs
  • 2D DPMs (resizers) on every keyer, with 6 pairs of 2D DPMs per M/E so the iDPMs can be used for more complex digital effects
  • The Controller M/E has a complement of six full keyers with chromakey and 2D DPMs
  • Aux bus transitions for dissolves and wipes on aux bus outputs
  • Interfaces with Grass Valley routers and their control systems
  • Optional integrated Image Store capable of delivering up to 32 GB storage of Stills (3,000 images) or “Movies” (a total of 50 seconds) of 1080p video
  • LDK Series & LDX Series camera control with Ethernet tally via Connect Gateway
  • Optional integrated external ClipStore provides multiple channels of video/key pairs for up to 10+ hours of nonvolatile video/key/audio clip content
  • 999 macros with many new ways to recall macros from the panel
  • 1,000 E-MEM registers with Define E-MEM for fine control in creation and editing of effects
  • Optional M/E Previewer provides a method to check and monitor any input to an M/E
  • VDCP Ethernet connection for stadium applications
  • Ethernet tally connection for integration with external tally systems
  • Optional RGB color correction on M/E buses and aux bus outputs
  • Source Rules:
  • Links keyers to sources
  • Settings for on-off-left alone on every M/E
  • Full look-ahead preview of rules
  • Hot-swappable, front/rear removable modules and power supplies