DeSisti Quarz Halogen Softlights

The Wyeth and Botticelli line of Soft Lights offer a soft, smooth field that is the perfect fill light for any set.
The Wyeth 1000W and 2000W offer a shallow profile for studios with lower ceiling heights or location applications. The Botticelli
1000W, 2000W and 4000W are traditional soft lights offering a very soft and efficient output. The larger profile allows for an even
light distribution over a larger area.
  • Soft, even optics
  • Multiple reflectors- standard white or aluminum
  • Hinged, drop down socket compartment for easy re-lamping
  • Unique lamp socket venting system aids airflow for lamp longevity
  • Stackable Egg Crates for added control and flexibility
  • Isolated, cool to the touch switch on the rear of the fixture