Tecpro Fillini Plus

LED on-board light with ball joint arm

Much more light - The regular Fillini already puts out more light than comparable competitors.
The new Fillini Plus looks very similar but provides more than three times the light.

Power (DC 4-15V)

Fillini Plus no longer works with internal batteries.
  • Can be powered from the DC output of professional video cameras or Anton Bauer Gold ount plates (PAG or Swit versions also available)
  • Optional battery shoes hook onto the back of the Fillini Plus in versions for Sony, Panasonic or Canon mini DV battery

Daylight as good and as stable as the best selected white LED’s can provide with today’s state of the art.
Tungsten color (approx. 3200 Kelvin) by flip down filter.

Gentle – more and more

Small onboard lights with many LED’s are not easy to look into.
a. The Fillinis feature an array of micro fresnels offering higher output, better light distribution and easier to look at than naked LED’s
b. The flip down diffusion filter adds a degree of gentleness
c. A curved diffusion filter (included) makes it real easy on the eyes – no more squinting

The Flip Down Filters

Look fragile? That’s understandable. Don’t worry, they are made from flexible polycarbonate that can bend and take a beating. With several thousand units on the road, we haven’t had a failure yet. Stop worrying!
Advantage – they don’t get lost.

Ball Joint Arm (included)

Attaches to camera shoe

Mounting Accessories

Many – for all your possible needs
  • Articulating arm DLGA200
  • Bone (code: DLA-LB)
  • Multi shoe and multi thread adapter for “forward mount”
  • Larger metal ball joint