Dedolight Classic Soft Case Kits

Mainly intended for mobile crews. Compact, sturdy, lightweight, versatile.

The soft case kits offer half the weight and less than half the size of most traditional travel kits from other manufacturers.
Light output is comparable to much larger traditional instruments but offer a higher degree of control, efficiency and versatility with significantly lower power consumption.

Each kit contains a soft light source for soft key lighting and several high precision focusing dimmable Dedolights.
Interior and exterior applications require the need for versatility of powering from mains as well as from a battery.

The DLH4 light head and the DLH1x150S soft light can be powered from mains with the appropriate DT24–1 dimmable power supply. The attachment of an adapter cable will allow them to operate with a battery belt, on board battery or the cigarette lighter of a car.

The DLHM4–300 lights are even more compact, quicker to set up and contain a built-in dimmable power supply. This fixture is designed for mains power only.

Most standard and master kits include one Imager projection attachment which can be used for highly defined light shapes or for gobo projections on otherwise dull backgrounds.

Dedolight soft cases are extremely robust and offer excellent protection of the equipment even if used as checked baggage during airline transport (one of the ultimate tests of ruggedness).