Dedolight Classic Hard Case Kits

Designed for all lighting applications. Compact, sturdy, lightweight, versatile.

These portable kits are compact, sturdy, lightweight and versatile. Smaller in size and weight than most traditional lighting kits.
Light output is comparable to much larger traditional instruments but offer a higher degree of control, efficiency and versatility with significantly lower power consumption.
Interior and exterior applications require the need for versatility of powering from mains as well as from a battery.

The K12 and K24 kits supply power to three (150 W) or four (100 W) DLH4 light heads from a single master power supply.
Input voltage is switchable from 100–255 VAC in five volt steps for world wide use. A voltage indicator allows the precise setting of the power supply to match actual voltage levels in different locations and compensate for voltage drops in long supply lines. This guarantees exact color temperature in calibrated steps.

Our hard transport cases are heavy duty, yet lightweight to safely transport and store all Dedolight equipment.They feature custom interiors and are moulded of shock resistant, high density polyethylene to withstand long distance travel and unpredictable handling.