Autoscript WinPlus Prompting Software

With over 10,000 WinPlus systems in daily operation around the world, WinPlus is the most widely used prompting application in use. WinPlus can be interfaced to all the leading electronic newsroom systems.
Our software is resillient, user friendly and intuitive. Designed by prompting experts and used by prompting experts.
The ability to control the Run Order and edit anywhere within the script, even when scrolling the On-Air story, leaving the prompt output unaffected adds resilience to the overall system.

Multiple controllers are available, either by a Foot Control (Magno FC), Voice Activation (Voice +Plus+) Wireless hand Controls (RAT2) or the Desktop Control. Each of the controllers are seamlessley connected, no special cabling, just standard coax cable. Even the biggest studio complexes offer no issues to ease of use. Using tie lines and patch panels, you can connect multiple controllers up to 400 metres away from the PC.

WinPlus Prompting Softwares: