AXON Cerebrum products

Broadcast control and monitoring
In modern broadcasting, multi-platform delivery and multi-purpose repackaging of content demand mastery of multiple workflows. Cerebrum software makes the control and monitoring of a broadcast infrastructure easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever.

Cerebrum provides comprehensive tools to configure, control, monitor and maintain products from any manufacturer within and beyond the broadcasting industry.

The result is that multiple operators can take total control over multiple and complex routines. Ultimately, you can define how you want to represent your workflow.

Cerebrum - Better by design
Like all Axon products, Cerebrum is based on what customers tell us they need. So, along with being packed with useful features and extensive functionality, Cerebrum is also highly customizable and intuitive to operate.

Adapting to your workflow
Flexibility is essential in today’s broadcast environment. Cerebrum delivers the common control and monitoring interface for a wide range of devices from different manufacturers - including routers, production switchers, servers, receiver decoders, multiviewers and waveform monitors - using either SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) or third party protocols. All processing modules in the Synapse range can also be controlled.

Lower cost of ownership
A trademark benefit of Axon systems is reduced total cost of ownership. Competitively priced options, comprehensive functionality and userfriendliness combine to reduce the need for manual intervention. Cerebrum offers you potentially dramatic savings.

Cerebrum products

CCP1601 - 16 button Cerebrum Control Panel

CCP3201 - 32 button Cerebrum Control Panel

CCP4800 - 48 button Cerebrum Control Panel

CCP4801 - 48 button LCD Cerebrum Control Panel

CGP4848 - Cerebrum GPI/O 1U unit with 48 opto isolated inputs and 48 relay outputs

CCP2410 - Programmable 34 button Cerebrum Control Panel