AXON SynLite

Cost-effective solutions for straight forward systems
Despite new capabilities and functionality, there will always be applications where these options and features could result in an over engineered solution. More straightforward and easily affordable modules may be better suited to the application’s requirements. To address that need, Axon has created SynLite - a series of modules for, amongst others, frame synchronization, embedding, de-embedding, up- and down conversion. Based on the same robust and high quality design as the other Synapse modules, SynLite modules are ready for heavy-duty use. Importantly, Synlite modules come at a very attractive price. They are fully compatible with all Synapse and Cortex products and can be mixed with all other modules from the Synapse range.

SynLite is 100% Synapse
Synapse is a modular system containing multiple 19” frames, active hot swappable cards and (mostly) passive connector panels. It is designed to support demanding mission critical applications in the broadcast industry. Although Synapse has a unique approach and is unequalled in its flexibility, you could position the system in what the industry calls ‘glue’, ‘infrastructure equipment’ or just ‘modular equipment’.

In order to reduce the investment in hardware a number of the SynLite modules can be reprogrammed to perform different functionality. You can, for example, buy an HDS05 down converter and reprogram it to an HSU05 up converter by simply downloading the relevant firmware from our website and upload it onto the module. Which of the SynLite modules have this functionality can be found in the product descriptions.

The SynLite modules are:

HEB05 - HD/SD preset based audio embedder

HDB05 - HD/SD preset based audio de-embedder

HAS05S - HD/SD 16-channel 4-group embedded audio shuffler card with presets

HAS05E - HD/SD 8-channel 2-group embedded audio processing card with local AES/EBU inputs

HAS05M - HD/SD 8-channel 2-group embedded audio processing card with presets

HFS05D - HD/SD frame synchronizer with audio de-embedding of 16 channels

HFS05E - HD/SD frame synchronizer with audio embedding for 2 groups

HFS05T - HD/SD frame synchronizer with smart audio handling for 2 groups

HDS05 - Premium quality HD to SD down converter with frame synchronizer

HSU05 - HD up-converter with color corrector

HCC05 - HD, SD SDI YC and RGB color corrector

HVD05 - HD video delay (32 frames)