AXON TRACS2 products

The ultimate in automated, non-stop, digital recording and archiving.
When you really 'must' do something, why not make it easy on yourself? And cost-effective too? Like compliance recording.More and more broadcasters worldwide are now legally obliged to provide recordings of their transmissions pretty much on-demand. It’s important. Being able to quickly prove that a transmission actually happened can help to resolve a dispute, or maintain advertiser confidence. Our 3rd generation compliance recording system makes compliance easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever. We have re-engineered TRACS from the ground up. New software, improved hardware and an extended range of features bring unprecedented levels of efficiency and reliability to the whole process of transmission recording, storage and retrieval.

TRACS is...

1 - Reliable
Based on the Linux OS; runs on dedicated hardware; equipped with RAID 5-configured disks.

2 - Highly cost-efficient
No tape stock, recorder or storage costs; low labor costs; potentially dramatic savings.

3 - Easy-to-use
Search and retrieval is fast and simple – even for multiple users.

4 - Compact
Rack-mountable; small footprint; no tape storage implications; 1RU high.

5 - Safe & Secure
Automatic recording, with no direct access to recorded content, plus a user-management system.

6 - Multi-functional
Designed for more than just compliance recording.

TRACS2 products

TRACS2 - Single channel compliance recorder

T2HE04 - TRACS² 4 channel HD encoder

T2E08 - TRACS² 8 input encoder

T2R_BASE - TRACS² single channel compliance recorder