SONY SDX5-400W AIT Data cartridge

Ideal for fast and reliable storage of large-scale digital data and network back-up, AIT-5 WORM offers data capacity of 1040GB compressed (400GB native).


  • AIT-5 Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) format protecting valuable data against accidental erasure and preventing alteration of archived data files
  • Impressive storage capacity of up to 1040GB compressed data (400GB native) in a small 8mm tape
  • Fast data transfer using efficient Helical Scan technology, up to 24MB/sec sustained native transfer rate
  • Proven reliability and durability with a 30 year media life thanks to AME III technology (Advanced Metal Evaporated)
  • Quick access provided by AIT's unique Remote Memory-In-Cassette (R-MIC) incorporated into the cartridge
  • Cleaning tape: SDX5-CL