AXON Audio A/D Conversion

ADC24 - 4 channel 24 bit audio A/D converter with AES/EBU by-pass inputs

The ADC24 is a multi-functional product. Its basic function is the conversion of analog audio to AES/EBU digital audio. In addition to the analog inputs it has AES/EBU inputs with a sample rate converter (SRC). The ADC24 has a tracking audio delay, and a delay offset of up to 650ms at 96kHz or 1300ms at 48kHz. It can also perform the Synapse ADD-ON function.

In ADD-ON mode the card acts as an analog or digital audio input board that feeds a MASTER card positioned one slot left of the ADD-ON card. The ADC24 for example acts as a analog audio embedder if used in combination with the ASV12, SFS11 or HFS11 (many more options available). The audio data that enters the Synapse bus to a MASTER card is identical to the data present in the local AES/EBU outputs. The AES/EBU in- and outputs are available on 75 Ohm BNC or 110 Ohm on screw terminals and sub-D connectors. This selection is determined by the type of connector panel.

ADC20 - 4 channel analog audio input Synapse ADD-ON card

The ADC20 is an analog audio to digital audio converter with tracking delay and delay offset. The delay offset range is from 0 ms up to 5200 ms at 48 kHz. This card can only be used as an ADD-ON card. In this mode the card is set to embed audio signals and acts as an Analog input board that feeds a MASTER card positioned to the left, with embedding functionality. The SEB10, for example, can perform an embedding function with the ADC20 as its input card.

The ADC20 converts the analog audio into AES/EBU signals and puts it on the Synapse bus. The signals can be embedded into the SDI data stream. Other cards with an embedding function are: ASV08, ASV12, ASV22, HFS11 and more. The compatible cards of this product can be recognized by a yellow arrow pointing towards the block schematic.