AXON Audio D/A Conversion

DAC24 - 4 channel 24-bit audio D/A converter with AES/EBU outputs

The DAC24 is a multi-functional product. Its basic function is the conversion of AES/EBU digital audio to analog audio. In addition to the analog outputs it has AES/EBU outputs and offers the Synapse ADD-ON function. In ADD-ON mode the card acts as an input board that is fed by a MASTER card that is positioned one slot left of the ADD-ON card.
The DAC24 for example acts as an analog and digital audio de-embedder when used in combination with the AXON SAV12 or SFS12 (more options available see below). The AES/EBU in- and outputs are available on 75 Ohm BNC or 110 Ohm screw terminals and sub-D. This selection is determined by the type of connector panel. The BPL02 has 75 Ohm AES/EBU in- and outputs. The user has control over channel selection/swapping, and gain and phase control of all 4 audio channels.

DAC20 - 4 channel analog audio output ADD-ON card

The DAC20 is an ADD-ON module with analog audio outputs. It has no standalone function, but is entirely designed to function as an ADD-ON card to the Synapse MASTER cards. The MASTER card is positioned to the left of the DAC20 and is required to have a de-embedding function.
Cards that have a de-embedding function are the SDB20, SDB10, SAV10, SFS12/22, HFS12, SAS30, SAS10 etc. These cards can be recognized by a yellow arrow pointing outward the block schematic.schematic.