AXON Miscellaneous Synapse

PBS03 - Dual channel relay based back-up switcher with signal integrity checking
The PBS03 is a dual channel digital SD-SDI change-over back-up switch with integrity checking. The PBS03 has 2 SDI inputs to 2 outputs. The loop-through input is high impedance and must be terminated in 75 Ohm when not used. The cross-switching can be executed by several signal analysis triggers. These triggers are loss of input, loss of embedded audio, freeze frame, TRS errors or any combination of these.

GPI16 - Universal GPI card with 10 GPI inputs and 16 GPI outputs
The GPI16 card is a universal Synapse GPI I/O (input/output) card. The card is capable of forcing GPI output triggering based on events that are generated by cards located in the same rack. (E.g. An alarm/event generated by any specific card in frame. This alarm/event is put on the bus. The GPI16 card will monitor the internal bus for events and close a relay in case of an event). The GPI16 can also be used as a slave card for Synapse functions, the 8x1 switcher or the VWI10 card for example. In these applications it is possible to control functions directly in to a MASTER, e.g. GPI based channel selection of the 8x1 switcher SDX08.