AXON Housing / Frames

Synapse is a modular system containing multiple 19” frames, active hot swappable cards and (mostly) passive connector panels. It is designed to support demanding mission critical applications in the broadcast industry. Although Synapse has a unique approach and is unequalled in its flexibility you could position the system in what the industry calls ‘glue’, ‘infrastructure equipment’, ‘terminal gear’ or just ‘modular equipment’.

Housing and Frame products:

SFR-Mobile - 4 slot battery and/or AC operated mobile Synapse frame

SFR04-08-18 - 4, 8 and 18 slot Synapse frame

SMP50 - Power supply for SFR08

SMP80 - Power supply unit for SFR18

SMP25 - Power supply unit SFR04

RRC04 - rack controller for SFR04

RRS04 - Rack controller for SFR04, with SNMP functionality

RRS08 - Rack controller for SFR08, redundant reference circuitry and SNMP compatible

RRS18 - Rack controller for SFR18, redundant reference circuitry and SNMP compatible

ERC-ERS-MRC-MRS108-118-04 - Rack controller for Synapse frames SFR08, SFR18 & SFR-M

BOP18 - Synapse extension panel

SCP08 - Synapse hardware control panel