SONY PHDV-64DM DigitalMaster tape

Being the shortest length for DigitalMaster ™ Tape, the PHDV-64DM tape is the best partner for the editing the job you could capture on small DigitalMaster ™ Tape.


  • Designed for MiniDv, DVCAM and HDV camcorders, Digital Master tape is the only professional videotape with 2 active magnetic layers, improving carrier to noise ratio by 2.5db for 95% fewer errors and 60% fewer dropouts than consumer DV tape!
  • A new AMEII metal evaporation technology has been used to improve the packing of grains inside the magnetic layer, increase tape retentivity (Br) and output as well as achieve better C/N and error ratios.
  • Quality Control has been enhanced following a complete review of the production process, resulting in improved drop-out figures.
  • By using a new method for creating the Diamond Like Carbon protective layer on the tape surface, a dramatic improvement in wear resistance has been achieved, resulting in reduced head wear.
  • A new lubricant ensures low friction and reduced head stain. With superior stability, tape damage is minimised.
  • Digital Master is also highly flexible and convenient media, enhancing compatibility between camcorder and VTR. It also offers a protective locking album case preventing accidental opening.