VIZRT Viz Secure

System monitoring of your Vizrt infrastructure
Viz Secure™ is a premium system-support product tailored for both basic as well as complex Vizrt environments. It can monitor both on-air and content preparation systems, provides continuous visual status updates, reports failures, suggests remedial and preventative actions, and logs every system event, enabling statistical and trend monitoring.

Broadcasters share a need for the highest level of system availability, especially for their on-air program streams. Most equipment is replicated and multiple individual components need to work together. Complex software systems can be difficult to diagnose and need levels of engineering expertise that may not be available around the clock.

Viz Secure monitors these systems and continuously transmits data back to a control hub. From there, alarms, exception reports, diagnosis tools and software-restart capabilities provide engineering teams with all the tools necessary to maintain on-air reliability.

Key features
  • Maintain Vizrt system health
  • Proactive diagnosis
  • Remedial action information
  • Scalable configurations
  • Remote maintenance
  • Secure data transfer
  • Statistical packages
  • Trend analyses
  • Easy to install
  • Low overhead
  • Monitor from single UI
  • Can be slave application to other systems