VIZRT Viz Ticker3D

Flexible real-time 3D ticker
Viz Ticker is an advanced ticker system that makes it possible to build creative and compelling graphic tickers with total flexibility. With Viz Ticker, multiple graphical elements (both scrolling and flipping) with various speeds can be displayed simultaneously. The elements can include text, animated images, and sound.

Viz Ticker is highly flexible, allowing users to create tickers of live data, animated 3D objects, images, and text. The tickers themselves are 3D objects, and can be designed to scroll around objects, for example a desks in a virtual set or the walls of a real studio.

Key Features
  • Real-time 3D graphics
  • Minimal buffering delay
  • Multiple Clients
  • Open Interface
  • Easy setup
  • Multiple Scrollers
  • Expire settings
  • Shared message pools
  • Unicode language support