VIZRT Viz Multichannel

Template-based channel branding
Viz Multichannel makes it easy to utilize high-quality Vizrt graphics for channel branding. The application simplifies the playout of playlists, providing a single client that handles the playlist elements of one or multiple channels. Viz Multichannel helps to promote commercial messages on multiple channels in a fully automated way.

It combines pre-scheduled, timecode-based playlist operations with the possibility of adding real-time 2D and 3D graphic effects and powerful branding capabilities. In complex environments the application helps to centralize the entire workflow onto one desktop.

Key features
  • real-time 2D & 3D graphics
  • Automation support
  • Supports SD & HD
  • Automated playlist creation from traffic system
  • Last minute playlist changes
  • Real-time preview
  • Template-based graphics
  • Monitor channels from a single interface
  • Traffic error notifications
  • Automated billing & reports
  • Vizrt REST API
  • Built for promotions and branding