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VIZRT Viz Dart

Digital automated recording tool
Viz Dart solves the ever-growing problem of the acquisition of video from a wide range of live and feed sources and making it available for immediate use in Viz One. Viz Dart provides a collaborative and automated feed scheduling system that can control a large number of video servers and video routers. Acquired assets can be can be searched and re-purposed in Viz One as they are being captured. Viz One also performs automatic purging and deletion of files on the controlled video servers. Together this radically reduces the amount of manual work required to ingest and manage video from a large number of sources. The solution is highly scalable and cost-effective for both small setups, with only a few inputs, and larger setups with hundreds of sources and record devices. Input video can be sourced from either SDI or IP video sources.

Key Features
  • Highly automated acquisition of live and feed video together with Viz One.
  • Web-based scheduling client gives all your staff access to the current feed schedule.
  • User access permissions dictate their individual or group level of access.
  • Compatible with a wide range of video servers and video routers.
  • Batch acquisition of tape possible together with cart machines.