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EVS DYVI IT-based production switcher

Think different about how you design and execute your production facility design around video switching.
DYVI offers unprecedented creativity, simple and secure operations along with technical reliability – all in a costeffective, tailored and highly reliable package. With a powerful combination of enterprise-level IT hardware, creative software and a highly intuitive user interface, DYVI is transforming the way video is produced. The scalable architecture of DYVI means you choose only the resources you need. By optimizing the capital investment and keeping the operation simple, your team can focus on the task at hand: producing great content.
Don’t restrict your creative juices by trying to become a translator running a classic video switcher.  Unleash your creative powers with GPU enables platform that can execute your complex designs at the touch of a button and with creative toolsets.  Design like an artist, don’t tie your hands behind a legacy switcher.
When things get more complex, don’t add more button, more M/E’s and more wasted space.  DYVI’s unique design allows the user to bring only what is needed to execute the show rather than waste space to park wasted buttons.  Simple controls mean less training and the ability create more programming at lower costs.
Solid technical platform – modular and scalable components, built on enterprise-grade IT elements, precisely define the system you need, whether it is a simple single-user system or a multi-user, multi-location network.
When you plan for your next production center, don’t constrain yourself to a switcher that is built on today’s broadcast needs, ensure you have a platform that can change at the pace of tomorrow’s emerging standards like 1080p, UHD-4K, or beyond.  DYVI is a managed pixel fabric that uses GPU to be flexible to the production format you need it to deliver.
When you build a facility, stop thinking about bringing all cameras and feeds back to one equipment room.  Instead, use the benefits of IP to distribute your processing to where the content is.  Through a distributed IT approach, DYVI put the processing at the edges, and lets you operate like everything is local.  DYVI’s managed pipeline enables you to move uncompressed video, multi-viewer as well as other bridged data to where it is needed.
DYVI Processing Modules (PM)
  • Dual 40Gbps QSFP+ and LAN Connections
  • SD, HD, HD-1080p (50, 59, 60 Hz)
  • 32 IN x 16OUT in HD per PM (16in x 8out in 3G).
  • Unlimited number of PM stacked in a system.
  • 20GB of RAM Recorder memory per PM for 8 Video or Key ch
  • 100 Video+Key still store
  • Lumakey, Chromakey, DVE effects, color correction, 3D shapes,
  • Tally over Ethernet + Tally interfaces
  • 2x integrated 32 pip Multiviewer outputs per PM
DYVI Panel
  • DYVI Panel o 24 buttons wide (2 stages) Small Panel
  • OLED Displays and transition module
  • Up to 4 Optional Extension Modules for expansion (8 buttons wide module)
  • USB 80 Button shotbox control
  • USB AUX Panel with 16 buttons
  • All-in-one touchscreen GUI Interface