Video Devices PIX-LR Audio Accessory for the PIX-E Series

The PIX-LR brings unparalleled world-class audio to the professional video industry in a tiny, portable package.
This first-of-its-kind audio interface is an optional accessory that attaches securely to the bottom of any PIX-E Series of recording monitors: the 5-inch PIX-E5, the PIX-E5H (the HDMI only model), and the 7-inch PIX-E7.
The innovative pairing of camera-mount audio and video products fit perfectly into fast-paced, deadline-driven film, television, and broadcast production workflows.
Pristine Audio Quality
The PIX-LR features high-performance microphone preamplifiers designed by Sound Devices, LLC, a company renowned for producing innovative, award-winning audio equipment for professional sound mixers. The PIX-LR also comes equipped with superior quality limiters to prevent distortion due to excessively loud sounds, as well as high-pass filters for reducing unwanted low frequencies like wind noise. With such a wide dynamic range and superb limiters built-in, the PIX-LR ensures crisp, noise-free, audio every time.
The PIX-LR enhances the recording experience by adding I/O flexibility and intuitive features, such as hyper-accurate, 23-segment LED metering with limiter indicators. There are two extremely low noise, wide gain XLR analog inputs. Both mic/line-level inputs may be stereo linked, with or without pan, and support 48V phantom power for use with condenser mics. There are also two XLR balanced analog outputs, ideal for low noise, long cable runs.
Dedicated Tactile Controls
The PIX-LR provides fast level control at your fingertips with two dedicated gain controls that may be recessed when not in use. Recording and playback are a breeze with five large, illuminated buttons for Record, Stop, Play, Fast-forward and Rewind.
Key Features
  • Two XLR-3F active-balanced, mic/line-level inputs
  • Two 3-pin XLR-3M balanced analog outputs
  • Two dedicated rotary gain controls
  • Large, backlit transport controls for record and playback
  • Bright 23-segment LED metering with limiter indication
  • Sound Devices mic preamps with high pass filters and limiters
  • Supports 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Supports input linking for stereo level and pan control