SONY DSR-1800AP DVCAM studio editing recorder

DVCAM Studio Editing Recorder - Master Series

Discontinued from 30th of September, 2014! Successor model is HVR-M35E.

Professional choice without limitations.

Reflecting market demands, employing higher standards of technology and using the experiences of the DSR-2000P, we will innovate the DSR-80P by introducing new line-ups, DSR-1800P. With all these excellence and innovations available, the DSR-1800P will be a major workforce in video production fields by satisfying those highly professionals.

The DSR-1800P provides excellent performance in an editing environment. It has a full range of analogue and digital interfaces, a responsive search dial function and many other powerful features. A key advantage is playback compatibility with DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO (25 Mb/s).