VARAVON ARMOR II pro cage for GH4K and GH3

Design that retained the camera's body shape - for your convenience, we have retained the body shape of the panasonic gh3 and gh4 camera's
Cold shoe - in addition there is a cold shoe included in the armor
Eng handgrip - the eng handgrip securely nests into your hand providing comfortable filming in any environment. The premium leather strap rests snugly on the back of your hand creating better stability
Monitor access - the cage is designed to have complete access to the flip out monitor allowing for the user to adjust as required
Handle & wrench - for your convenience, you may place the allen wrench in the handle. The fixed part is unified for safer usages
Unified fasteners - we unified all the bolts to be fastened all the same by using the 4mm wrench included on the handle
Front and back rod adapter - depending on the user's convenience, the rod adapter may be controlled front and back to mount accessories. The mounted rod may be used as a handle while holding the camera
Saw-toothed rod adapter - the rod adapter's connection piece was applied as a saw-toothed shape to enable stability for any mounted accessories on the camera
15mm ⌀ rod - able to mount many accessories on the rod such as single clamp and handle
Locking cable - protects the port from damage and helps prevent signal loss caused by your cable coming loose
Multiple threaded holes - there are multiple ¼ inch, ⅜inch and m5 holes that can be used to mount accessories