VARAVON ARMOR II pro cage for α7S

Adding protection, stability, and accessory mounting options, the Varavon Armor II Pro Cage for Sony a7S prepares your Sony a7S camera for video production work. For handheld shooting, a top handle in included, as well as an ENG-style rotating handgrip with a leather hand strap that attaches to the right side cage. With the camera in the cage, you still have access to the SD card slot, battery compartment, and all camera controls, so you won't have to waste time removing the camera from the cage during a shoot. The cage also leaves access open to the Multi-Interface Shoe for compatibility with accessories such as the Sony XLR-K1M adapter (sold separately).
The cage offers a variety of accessory mounting options. A 15mm rod port is integrated into the left side of the cage that is adjustable to position a rod in front or behind the camera. A 6" long rod is included that, when position in front of the camera, is useful for mounting an optional follow focus. Positioning it behind the camera lets you mount an optional external battery, shoulder stock, or other accessory. In addition to the rod port on the side of the cage, there are also two rod ports on the top handle. One of the ports allows you to place a 15mm rod centered above the lens, while the other lets you position a rod horizontally above the camera, useful for mounting an external monitor or EVF. For further accessory mounting, there are 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded hole on all sides of the cage. There are also 1/4"-20 threads on the top handle as well as an included cold shoe mount that screws into the front of the handle.
For added convenience, the screws used to mount the camera, attach the top handle, and attach the cold shoe adapter are tightened in place using the same Allen wrench, which is safely stored into a slot on the side of the top handle. A second Allen wrench is also included for other bolts on the cage and is stored on the other side of the top handle. For cable security, the left side of the cage features a built-in cable clamping system that helps prevents connected cable from accidentally being pulled out while shooting.
  • Form fitting design retains the camera's body shape
  • Leaves access open to SD card slot, battery compartment, Multi-Interface Shoe, and all buttons/controls
  • Rotating ENG-Style handgrip with leather hand strap
  • Top handle with removable cold shoe mount
  • Side 15mm rod port for front or back positioning of included 6" rod
  • Two rod ports on top handle for positioning a rod parallel or perpendicular to the camera
  • 6" long 15mm rod included
  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 accessory mounting threads
  • Cable clamp
  • HDMI adapter included
Design that retained the camera's body shape - for your convenience, we have retained the body shape of the sony a7s camera
Cold shoe - in addition there is a cold shoe included in the armor
Eng handgrip - the eng handgrip securely nests into your hand providing comfortable filming in any environment. The premium leather strap rests snugly on the back of your hand creating better stability
Hot shoe / sony k1m - the camera’s hot shoe is accessible and also can use adapters such as sony k1m
Handle & wrench - for your convenience, you may place the allen wrench in the handle. The fixed part is unified for safer usages
Unified fasteners - we unified all the bolts to be fastened all the same by using the 4mm wrench included on the handle
Front and back rod adapter - depending on the user's convenience, the rod adapter may be controlled front and back to mount accessories. The mounted rod may be used as a handle while holding the camera
Saw-toothed rod adapter - the rod adapter's connection piece was applied as a saw-toothed shape to enable stability for any mounted accessories on the camera.
15mm ⌀ rod - able to mount many accessories on the rod such as single clamp and handle.
The ring bolt - you may twist the 1/4-20 ring bolt with your hand or assemble it with the allen wrench that is located on the handle. Also, there are several 1/4-20, m5 mounting holes on the bottom part of the cage.
Replaceable battery and memory card - while the cage is mounted on the camera, you may still replace the battery or the memory card