Video Devices PIX-E7 Portable 4K Video Recorder and PIX-E7 Kit II

Bigger, Bolder Picture
The PIX-E7 offers everything the PIX-E5 does — and more! — in a bigger, yet still compact package. The PIX-E7 provides 'capture with confidence' monitoring thanks to its optically bonded, capacitive touch screen for maximum light transmission and minimal reflection. With 500 nit brightness and 179° angle of view, its 7-inch, 1920x1200, 323 ppi IPS display ensures accurate monitoring of clarity and color depth, even in bright sunlight.
PIX-Assist™ Monitoring Tools & Scopes
  • Four Way View
  • Waveform Monitor
  • Vectorscope
  • Histogram
  • TapZoom™ - Instant 2x and 4x zoom to check focus
  • Peaking
  • Zebras
  • False Colors
  • Frame Markers
  • LUTs - Built-in and Custom
  • Anamorphic Desqueeze

More Connections, Greater Flexibility
Like its 5-inch predecessor, the PIX-E7 also offers BNC connections for SDI In and Out as well as input and output connections for HDMI. What sets the PIX-E7 apart is a second SDI In and another BNC connection for LTC In. Additionally, its left side panel features a GPIO port for tally light and remote control workflows.
Outstanding Recording Capabilities
The 4K-compatible PIX-E7 offers the full range of Apple® ProRes codecs from Proxy to 4444 XQ. The latter is a 12-bit codec designed to preserve the detail in wide dynamic range imagery captured by today's high performance digital image sensors.
PIX-E7 can record 4K up to 30 fps, UHD up to 30 fps and 1080p or 720p up to 120 fps.
SpeedDrive™ Recording and File Delivery
The PIX-E7 records to the innovative, super fast SpeedDrive, a custom-designed enclosure that holds an industry standard mSATA drive. The SpeedDrive, which plugs directly into the PIX-E, doubles as a USB 3.0 thumb drive for very high speed offload to any computer without the need for a special cable or drive docking station.
Two SpeedDrive options are available, a 240 GB SpeedDrive and an Enclosure-Only version that allows the user to choose and easily fit any size of mSATA drive. mSATA drives are available in sizes ranging from 128 GB to 1 TB.
Best-of-Both-Worlds User Interface
Some functions are better controlled via touch screen and others by real buttons. PIX-E7 incorporates both types of control. The touch screen is best used when interacting directly with a specific area of the displayed image such as zooming in to a point of interest with TapZoom.
Buttons allow the operator to locate a control without looking and instant tactile response leaves no doubt a function has been activated. Button control is well suited to commands such as 'Record' where failure to activate can be catastrophic.

Mechanical Construction and Powering
With a compact, die-cast metal chassis, nutted connectors, and an LCD protected by scratch-resistant and optically-bonded Gorilla Glass 2, the PIX-E7 field recording monitors are designed to withstand the most extreme and demanding production environments.
The PIX-E7 is powered by external DC (10-34V) or dual L-mount Sony batteries with powering seamlessly switching from one source to another should one become depleted or removed.

The PIX-E7 KIT II is a complete production accessory kit for the PIX-E7, containing all the necessary equipment to connect and operate the PIX-E7 in a professional video production environment. PIX-E7 NOT INCLUDED.

PIX-E7 KIT II includes:
(1) Hardcase w/ cut foam
(1) SpeedDrive-240G w/240GB drive
(2) XL-B2s (5200 mAH L-type battery)
(1) PIX-E7 Hood
(1) HDMI 3ft Cable
(1) BNC 3ft Cable
(1) PIX-USB3 Y-Cable
(2) PIX-HDMI-R right-angle adapter
(2) PIX-BNC right-angle adapter