SONY HVR-M25AE HDV compact recorder

HDV compact recorder with LCD screen and HDMI connection

A feature rich HDV VTR for professionals

In addition to providing HDV1080i recording and playback, the HVR-M25AE now features the HDV native progressive format capability, which provides stunning 1080p images at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second.* Along with support for both DVCAM and DV formats, the HVR-M15AE offers users the ability to work with both standard definition and high definition content.

The HVR-M25AE is also compatible with standard size cassettes. The DigitalMaster -cassette can provide over 4 hours recording of HDV content - the ideal choice when longer recording times are required.

The HVR-M25AE is designed for professional use - and includes a convenient, integrated 16:9 LCD screen for content monitoring, and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) for simple connectivity to HD consumer displays for added flexibility. As with all HDV products, the HVR-M25AE has the added benefit of 2 year Silver Support warranty - providing additional piece of mind.

"24p" means "23.98p" video signal and "30p" means "29.97p" video signal.