SONY HDR-AZ1VR Action Cam Mini

New Action Cam Mini. Smaller and lighter.

Action Cam Mini makes shooting more fun with smaller cam dimensions, lighter weight, and splashproof body, plus the same sensational image and sound of Sony’s Action Cam line-up. Slim size is only about 2/3 of previous model. Gear up with Action Cam Mini and maximise your movie-making adventures.

Take full command of Action Cam
Control Action Cam Mini with the supplied Live-View Remote RM-LVR2V. It enables remote cam playback and movie deletion, GPS logging and transfer to the cam.
Take your movie adventures to extremes
Gear up for extreme sports shooting with Action Cam advances. ZEISS® lens for higher resolution and lower aberrations. BIONZ X processor with 50 Mbps high-bit rate data transfer to turn fast action into smooth Full HD footage. Exmor® R CMOS sensor with more pixels for noise-free shooting in darkness, using incident light alone. Action Cam with XAVC S* transforms bold challenges into thrilling videos, with you as action star.
*Micro SDXC Memory Card class 10 is needed for recording in XAVC S.
SteadyShot™ beats bumps and blur
Want to mount Action Cam on bike handlebars, but concerned about camera shake? No problem! Electronic SteadyShot compensates for bike vibrations in motion, enabling smooth blur-free shooting. SteadyShot also counters strong blur when the cam is worn during biking, skiing, surfboarding, and more. Now capture fast-moving sports without disturbing camera shake, and share exciting, enjoyable action videos.
Note: Effect of camera-shake blur compensation can vary depending on shooting conditions.
Live-View Remote one-hand angle checking and cam operation
The wristband unit gives never-before remote start/stop and setting control. Use Live-View Remote*1 for out-of-reach camera access and head-mounted camera angle check, even when Action Cam is worn on your head/helmet or located out of reach*2.
*1 Functionalities depend on models. Please click here for details of Live-View Remote functions.
*2 Available distance of Wi-Fi depends on usage environment and situation.
Protect up to 3m even if you drop it in water*
Thanks to the waterproofing of RM-LVR2V, you can shoot in the rain, in snow, and during water sports like surfing and kayaking.
* The Wi-Fi feature does not function underwater.

GPS equipped new Live-View Remote RM-LVR2V*1
You can fully control the new Action Cam Mini HDR-AZ1 with the new Live-View Remote RM-LVR2V. It enables remote playback*2 and movie deletion in the camera unit, and also supports GPS logging and transfer to the camera.
*1 Supplied with HDR-AZ1VR / HDR-AZ1VB / HDR-AZ1VW
*2 Without sound
Control up to 5 cameras simultaneously
It’s easy to capture scenes from multiple angles. Simply connect and control up to five cameras at the same time. You can monitor each cam at a glance, check shooting mode and cam status, start and stop all cams at once, and even change basic setup with just one command.
Smallest and lightest Action Cam
HDR-AZ1 splashproof body and the supplied tripod adaptor provide compactness and light weight. The monotone design of the supplied tripod adapter and the Waterproof Case SPK-AZ1* let HDR-AZ1 keep a low profile — making the HDR-AZ1 Action Cam Mini more mountable and wearable.
* Supplied. Available as an optional accessory as well.
Boost video thrills with high-speed REC
Create exhilarating sports action videos with high-speed shooting at 120 fps. This sophisticated mode lets you produce smoother slow-motion footage with editing software, and, unlike SSLOW, also enables sound recording. After shooting, explore the fun of creative editing. Combine regular-speed and slow-speed sequences. Emphasise point-of-view and vary pacing. Use sound (or silence) to amp up excitement. Enjoy being the Action Cam director, editor, and lead actor in your personal adventure stories.
Enjoy pro functions and editing ease
Produce attractive videos easily with the new editing software Action Cam Movie Creator, optimised for Action Cam users.
Movie Rotation with Action Cam Movie Creator
After a video is shot, Movie Rotation turns it clockwise or counterclockwise at 90° intervals. This is helpful if the video was taken from left-to-right in reverse or upside down, or when you want to enjoy it in portrait orientation.
Multi View with Action Cam Movie Creator
Multi View makes a split-screen composite by combining up to four movie footage segments (including slow-motion parts) captured simultaneously by different cameras. Anyone can easily enjoy creating attractive movies and share the fun with many viewers.
GPS Data Overlay with Action Cam Movie Creator
GPS Data Overlay on video reads your speed data recorded by GPS and generates another video file that displays your route, speed information, etc.
Motion Shot LE for creating unique animated images
Express the breathtaking dynamism and energy of fast-moving subjects. Motion Shot LE captures traces of a moving subject in one image to make one truly expressive photo of action scenes like sports, speeding vehicles, and other similar subjects.
Burst Shooting for capturing action shots
A number of 11.9-megapixel, high-quality still images can be shot continuously. This function is convenient when you want to capture activity photos and check performance later.
Upside-down Flip Capture
Even when the Action Cam is shooting from an upside-down position — for instance, when attached to a vehicle — you can choose a vertical image inversion (upside-down flip) setting prior to operation.
Thus, the camera can capture a movie image in regular orientation.
More convenient connection thanks to Wi-Fi and NFC
Just by installing PlayMemories Mobile to your smartphone or tablet, you only need to touch devices to connect, thanks to the NFC One-touch Remote feature. This eliminates complex setup when connecting with an NFC-equipped Android smartphone or tablet. In addition, data recorded with Action Cam can be easily transferred to an Android/iOS smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. Then, simply upload to SNS or websites and share exciting action with friends and family.
Interval still recording adds creative options
Interval still shooting is convenient for capturing subject motion as a series of photos. Shooting intervals of 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, and 60 seconds can be selected, enabling you to capture the motion of various active subjects, not only as video footage but in still images as well. This is especially useful for continuous recording over a prolonged period.
Tally lamps provide more convenience
HDR-AZ1 features a second tally light on top of the camera, in addition to the light on the back of the unit. Now you can easily check the recording status from various angles.
Take stunning still images and more with great features
Turn action sports into dazzling pictures. Still image mode captures memorable high-quality 11.9-megapixel photos, and 170° angle of view* shows your experience as you see it.
* When SteadyShot is OFF
Explore the range of optional accessories
Optional accessories expand shooting enjoyment and creative possibilities.
Compatible with MemoryStick Micro and Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC
The memory card slot accepts Memory Stick Micro™ (M2) and Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card* (class 4 or higher) memory cards. Choose the card best suited to your shooting requirements and compatibility with your PC. (Memory cards not supplied.)
* Micro SDXC Memory Card class 10 is necessary for recording in XAVC S format.
Lifelike sound with built-in stereo mic in Waterproof Case
Whether it’s the purr of your engine, the roar of the crowd, the whoosh of a perfectly carved turn, or the thunder from inside a monster barrel, you’ll capture every bit of the excitement with Action Cam’s built-in stereo microphone.