Angénieux EF/PV Mount

To extend the versatility of its zoom lenses, Angénieux has designed mounts to offer the ability to use most of the Optimo and Optimo Style lenses on Canon EF or Panavision cameras. 
Designed to replace the PL mount, the Angénieux Canon EF and Panavision mounts allow the Optimo,
the Optimo Anamorphic and the Optimo Style lenses to be used on Canon EF (except Optimo 19.5-94 and 28-340) or Panavision mount cameras.
The lens can be attached to the camera with a precise and steady flange to image plane alignment.
Our mount system allows an easy interchangeability of the PL mount to EF or PV mount and can be done without tools (to be handled by professional technicians within a dust free environment).