Sachtler SR405 Transparent Raincover for Mini DV/HDV Video Camera

Compact transparent raincover constructed of lightweight polyurethane for protection from the rain.
  • One-piece design.
  • Constructed of transparent polyurethane (serviceable up to -20C) and waterproof nylon for maximum visibility.
  • Fast and easy access to all camera features.
  • Quick to install while shooting supporting your workflow.
  • Hotshoe connector in the cover's rigid front hood section anchors and stabilizes the cover to the camera.
  • Option to work with the camera's flip-out LCD screen open.
  • Exterior 6" ABS track allows for addition of mini light while raincover is in use.
Internal Length 38.0 cm 15.0 in
Internal Width n/a n/a
Internal Height n/a n/a
External Length 38.0 cm 15.0 in
External Width n/a n/a
External Height n/a n/a
Weight 0.4 kg 0.3 lbs