Grass Valley GV STRATUS Playout

Cloud-based Software as a Service for Automation and Monitoring
GV STRATUS Playout is the next generation of automation and playout combining the experience and evolution of automation workflow and playout from Grass Valley, with the flexibility of the latest technology and commercial advantages of the Cloud. The vision and architecture of GV STRATUS Playout leverages the advanced features of true cloud computing to provide a highly resilient and scalable solution with a high reliability hardware device on-site.

Key Features
  • True cloud-based computing service based on the Microsoft Azure platform, resulting in on-demand scalability of computing resources
  • GV STRATUS Playout applications are SaaS, resulting in lower up-front costs and greater flexibility
  • GV STRATUS Playout uses third-party identity providers to allow integration with any customer's security policies
  • All interaction with GV STRATUS Playout is via a web-based client ensuring new users can connect to the system with ease
  • Locations of operational positions and controlled devices are completely flexible, resulting in lower operational costs and the possibility of new operational models
  • Additional channels can be added within minutes and the amount of computing resources allocated to existing channels is scaled automatically depending on load
  • All metadata used by GV STRATUS Playout is replicated within the local data center and automatically synchronized to a geo-redundant data center to ensure high availability
  • Customer retains control of broadcast media storage on-site or at a remotely-controlled location — media is not stored in the cloud
  • Integrates to traffic systems using BXF or iTXML interfaces
  • Supports hierarchical schedule management to allow multiple levels of regional schedule variations and master-slave configurations
  • Provides powerful schedule editing tools
  • Can be used to control channel playout, regional insertion operations or combinations of both
  • Works in conjunction with Grass Valley Densité SSP-3801 solid-state playout card to provide a complete playout solution with SD and HD clip playback, live event support, high quality graphics, subtitles, aspect ratio signalling and multiple audio languages
  • Provides media and device status monitoring together with live thumbnails for playout devices in any number of locations
  • Architecture is optimized to provide low latency operations over remote links
  • Works equally well with regionally deployed or network center-based devices and systems