Grass Valley GV STRATUS

Nonlinear Media Production Tools
GV STRATUS is a full set of production tools in one application — designed for simplicity, flexibility and efficiency — because exceptional, highly creative content starts with an efficient, flexible workflow. GV STRATUS lets you better manage entertainment, on-air operations and news production media workflows to stay competitive. Since GV STRATUS's task-driven tools operate in a variety of environments, and can be specifically tailored for each user's job function, you'll increase efficiencies and enable more effective collaboration throughout the entire production lifecycle.

Key Features
  • Complete and adaptable production workflows — media production tools to assist ingest, editing, content aggregation, logging, transfe, and playout:
  • Manage assets by configuring bins/folders to best suit particular workflows
  • High-resolution or proxy access to shared storage content
  • Create custom panels for logging assets live or post event
  • Prepare and publish assets to digital media platforms
  • Assignment list tools with linkage to NRCS and Aurora Playout
  • User-friendly operations of K2 system channels
  • Feed ingest scheduler with read-only mode for non-ingest operators
  • Live streaming proxy monitoring of input and output of K2 channels
  • Efficiently assemble and edit playlists
  • Populate and ingest files from multiple removable media devices
  • Send messages and attachments between multiple GV STRATUS users
  • Play assets and add markers and keywords
  • Storyboard editing with instant on-air playback
  • Play clips or ingest events in full-resolution or proxy
  • Review, create and add metadata
  • Intuitive navigator panel to explore assets, devices and tools
  • Manage transfer, import and export of files
  • Import/export QuickTime, MXF and GXF files
  • End-to-end low-resolution workflows with integrated industry-leading EDIUS XS low-resolution editor for fast turn-around of content
  • User workspace management — configure preferences and recall individual user interface built for each task
  • Monitor storage capacity/channel status on K2 system
  • Rules engine foundation enables auto-rule actions to automate workflow tasks
  • Choice of mainstream craft editors: Grass Valley EDIUS, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer
  • WAN-based workflows that enable multisite media processing from GV STRATUS clients across distributed facilities and from remote field locations
  • RESTful API available to third parties for new tool/application development — support of licensing and support agreements with selected partners and system integrators
  • Professional Services expertise to provide workflow consulting and manage deployments and commissioning