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Media asset management, online and mobile video
Viz One manages all your content in a central repository. Staff can produce video files for broadcast, mobile, and web in one seamless workflow - with access from their normal PC or Mac desktops.

Viz One is available in several pre-configured packages that allow you to quickly get up and running. Each package targets a specific type of production and multiple packages can be bundled for a single system that handles many different types of production. The Enterprise package is the largest and offers flexibility in system size and workflows.

For Everyone
Viz One enables users across your entire organization to easily find, upload, preview, cut, send, and manage media. The associated tools for cutting and logging are easy-to-use with a minimal learning curve. Our primary application where most tasks can be performed - Studio - is web-based so it may be accessed from any desktop. Our newsroom plug-in sits within your existing iNews, ENPS, or Octopus client, so your journalists will feel right at home.

Open Integration
Viz One sits at the center of your broadcast production. To successfully do this, it integrates with leading third-party newsroom, non-linear editing, transcoding, and storage products. A comprehensive and stable API is available for anyone to build an integration or add-on. This API has been engineered to be backwards compatible, such that any integration built today will be compatible with newer versions of Viz One.

Fast and Scalable
A robust architecture allows you to scale seamlessly - in terms of users, servers, transcoders, storage, and workflows. The built-in storage and transfer management systems enable optimal utilization of existing resources and simplify future expansion. The system also includes support for more advanced storage management operations such as media replication, redundancy, automatic forwarding, and much more.